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And that is where the heart comes in to play. But getting from the idea in your head to the final room design is a challenge at best. They vary in sizes, color and quality. Even if you are going to use moisture resistant wood panels, you still need to do the first steps. Make a list for each child to see what they can find during your travels. Short-term "taste of camp" sessions - For the younger child, camps are offering short, introductory sessions that could last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. You still would like to bring in some sunflowers but not sure where. However, once you start writing down your ideas, you will see what you will want and can start new opportunities in astute products of stock photography scratching off the items that do not fit into your final design. Using this approach in developing a plan for your home décor, you can easily mix and match or change your mind as you find things in magazines or stores.